Service Department


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At The Lions Cyclery we take a comprehensive approach to servicing your bike. We prefer to see the bike, and understand what kind of riding you are doing. From there, we will give you an estimate based on the purposes you need the bike to serve.

We are fully equipped to deal with any type of bike. Whether you need a flat tire repaired or a full overhaul on a well ridden bike we are happy to schedule you in for an appointment.

Safety is always our most fundamental concern. As the customer you have the final say on what, if any, work will be done. However, if we feel like the bike cannot be made safe we retain the right to decline service.

We will work on electric bicycles so long as they do not have a throttle (pedal-assist only), are limited to 32km/h, and are deemed safe to ride by our staff. We cannot complete work on the motor or electrical components of unsupported electric/motor systems. For more information about what electric bikes we are equipped to service give us a call or email us at

Fundamental Service ($120 labour + $50 parts allowance) $170

-full inspection of drivetrain, frame, bearings, wheels, tires, and safety of bicycle

-includes labour for: replacing cables and housing, replacing drivetrain components, truing and tensioning wheels, flat tires, changing bar tape/grips, installing simple components and minor adjustments

-will call you for approval on parts or service above $150

Fundamental Plus Service ($225 labour + $100 parts allowance) $325

-includes everything in fundamental service in addition to bearing services like: bottom bracket overhaul/service, headset overhaul/service, and hub overhaul/service

-please note: due to the condition of some bikes we may recommend against this level of service. As an example, we may recommend a wheel replacement as opposed to overhauling hubs that are already beyond their service life.

Bicycle Overhaul Labour $450

-includes everything in the fundamental plus service level, but applies, in most cases, to full suspension mountain bikes

-includes linkage disassembly, cleaning, and re-assembly of suspension linkage.

-replacement of pivot and linkage bearings as necessary $35 labour for every pair or $65 labour for every four

-full service of suspension fork, shock, and dropper post through warranty approved service centre

Bicycle Build Labour $500

-full assembly of a bicycle from the frame up

Wheel Build Labour: One Wheel - $120, Two Wheels - $100 each*

-includes spoke calculation, wheel build, and additional check/touch up after two weeks of riding

-special price negotiated on spokes and nipples if you purchase the components through us

*multiple wheel discount only applies on wheels bought through The Lions Cyclery.

Bike Fit - $200

-includes two follow-up appointments

Glue Tubular Tire Labour - $50

Bearing Overhaul - $40

Wheel True and Tension - $15 - $35

Brake Bleed (per brake) - $40

Fender or Rack Installation - $30

Single System Adjustment - $30

Flat Repair - $15+

To book your bike in for an appointment click here.