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  • Custom Shop Builds: 56cm Fog Cutter - A Fast and Stylish Gravel Bike

    this bike was built to be an all-road/fast gravel bike. We built it with personality to stand out from other bikes in its category. It is highly practical and easily serviceable. Like all of our builds we took care to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.
  • Long Term Review: Soma Fog Cutter

    One of the unique brands we carry here at the shop is Soma. If you are familiar with steel bikes you have definitely heard of Columbus and Reynolds...
  • Wheel Building How To: Lacing a Wheel on Video

    In this video I attempt to explain how to lace a bicycle wheel. This particular wheel build was a 29er mountain bike front wheel. It was built from...
  • Choosing a New Bike - Function Over Features

    Whether choosing a first bike, upgrading an old bike, or even getting back into the sport the amount of bikes to choose from can be overwhelming. Mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes, and even e-bikes all made with different materials and sold with various marketing claims make your choices difficult. For most consumers this often leads to all kinds of research and naturally leads one to find a bike with the most features for the best price. Sometimes this can work out okay, other times it leads to frustration after the purchase. This is where a good local bike shop comes into play and can guide you in the direction that will increase the excitement you get out of your bike for years to come.