Elite Zumo Interactive Trainer

Elite Zumo Interactive Trainer

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Solid and powerful. Meet Zumo

Incredibly solid and powerful, Zumo is a direct-drive bicycle hometrainer with electronically managed resistance. Effective and quiet, with a contemporary design, Zumo's distinctive feature is its wide power output interval and its compatibility with most bicycles and any of kind apps, software, computers and devices. Advanced technology at an affordable price: Zumo is the perfect interactive hometrainer for you to train whenever you want and improve your cycling prowess via effective and accurate training sessions.

A realistic pedalling experience

You can faithfully and quietly replicate outdoor cycling with Zumo, which offers you the same feeling and pedalling conditions you find on the road. Its resistance unit covers a wide interval of power output and simulates slopes up to 12% with ± 3% accuracy. It's everything you need to improve your performances and train with a valid and performing instrument while pedalling away hundreds of km on your bicycle!  

PML and temperature compensation

Among the most interesting features for this hometrainer are many functions that deserve to be looked into such as the Power Meter Link (PML), a tool for you to reach even higher accuracy levels on each workout. PML is a function you can activate on My E-Training for you to use an ergometer that's already on your bicycle as a power source, thus obtaining more accurate power data. The temperature compensation algorithm also ensures high accuracy levels - it considers the decrease in brake efficiency due to overheating caused by friction while training and avoids any inaccuracy when calculating power data.


Total interactivity

Zumo, just like all other Elite direct transmission hometrainers, features total compatibility with apps, software, computers, smartphones and tablets via iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. Just set your course or training program and start pedalling - the double communication protocol ANT+™ FE-C and Bluetooth will do the rest. Zumo will automatically adjust resistance, managing your training session based on each specific workout requirement you have. Moreover, by purchasing Zumo, you get a free 12-month subscription to the My E-Training software, and you'll also be able to use any other indoor cycling software, such as Zwift, Trainer Road, The Sufferfest, Bikevo, Kinomap and many more.

One of the most distinctive features of the Zumo is its great compatibility with most bicycles currently sold. Zumo is compatible with bikes with 130 to 135mm hubs and quick clamping systems with 5mm diameter and bicycles with 142mm thru-axle with 12mm diameter. There are adapters such as the Boost 148x12mm and 12mm 135x10 adapters for bicycles with thru-axle.  Zumo comes with a freehub body for Shimano® / SRAM® 9/10/11 speed sprocket cassettes, while a freehub body compatible with Campagnolo® 9/10/11 speed sprocket cassettes is available on our online store, www.shopelite-it.com. Did you know you can also assemble the Sram 12 speed by purchasing the XD/XDR freehub as an accessory? This is what we mean with great compatibility.

Sensorless cadence

All hometrainers by Elite immediately send power, speed and pedalling cadence data, thus acting as really effective instruments to build an accurate training program and replicate outdoor cycling as faithfully as possible. Cadence is measured via the practical sensorless technology, that is no sensor to be applied to your bicycle, and is calculated as a function of speed variations on the Zumo.